Hello to you :)

Welcome to my little world…

So happy you stopped by.  As you can clearly see from the blankness staring back at you, I am just getting started.  Headed out right now to share a late St. Patrick’s Day dinner with my parents and my children.  My ten year old son is currently reminding me, in his ten year old “I cannot wait to get to Nonny’s house” tone, that I still need a shower so he can get to “Nonnyland”….a place where grandkids rule, BB guns are always filled with BBs, the pantry is always filled with kid snacks, the four wheelers/go-carts are always gassed up and running and Nonny never says no.

I will work on coaxing what’s in my head out and onto the screen.  Definitions for “slogbag” will be forthcoming.   Let me get my thoughts together, kids in school, dog fed and cat calmed down and I will collect the scattered tidbits, put up some pics and share with you what is in my jumbled brain.

Cheers to you!  I hope you enjoy a lovely day and recover from any revelry you may have jumped into for St. Patrick’s Day.  I personally find the cupcake hangovers the most challenging to overcome.



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