The kitchen counter…

Taking stock of my kitchen counter, I suddenly see that I have started the day a bit cluttered.  Though, I have to say,  it may not be an apt use of the word to say I am just “starting” the day.  My kitchen has already endured three children, one dog and one cat’s tornado like movements across it’s tile and wood.  I have to admit my kitchen endures a lot by eight in the morning so I should not be surprised to see it’s clutter.  This counter is well loved.

Right now, the story of its existence includes the Paula Deen copper bottom pan still sitting on the stove (evidence of the egg my ten year old valiantly cooked himself), the ceramic rooster butter dish that is hidden behind the toaster so as to keep it out of reach of the Labrador who is also food obsessed and can steal a stick a butter quicker than that lamb can think about shaking that tail.  There are also the napkins, a red tea kettle, Pam, toaster, the hot dog buns and pretzels that my older son lives for and the nail polish bag that I have neglected to put away since Friday night when I painted my nails (I love my nails painted but never-ever-ever pay anyone to do it.  EVER.).  There are four banana muffins left from my daughter’s St. Patrick’s day muffin making.  She was going to make the banana/pecan/cream cheese ones but we lacked cake flour as well as a desire to run out to the store in the cold rain so we baked our standby recipe.  And lastly, because we live in a house that guards and hides many things from Maisy girl’s nosy nose, the trash can is up on the counter too.  Its safer that way.  Especially after paying the vet bills for her AFTER she was able to knock it down and eat its contents while we were at school.  That was NOT pretty.  My counter, as I look it over, is well used and well loved.

It’s a lot like my life in a humorous and wide openly bare kind of way.  I am like my kitchen counter, disorganized and in need of a  little updating.

In looking at my own personal kitchen counter and what I have out to show as evidence of my life, I start of course with the extra ten pounds that have attached to my mid section since I stopped running.  I didn’t just stop, I got divorced which landed me in a home alone with children which is, in turn, not conducive to running….along.  I am known in my circles as being the most average person that has ever been.  In any survey, when they show the average…that’s me.  I even have the mousy brown hair and am the average 5’5″ height.  Actually I am only 5’4″ but have always felt like, on a good day, I might rise up to 5’5″.  I delude myself about it anyway and I am okay with that.  I am average in more ways than I care to admit but I still find humor in it all.

My above average life walked in with my children.  They have certainly lifted me up, stretched me out and made me into the person I always wanted to be.  They have stripped my kitchen counter bare to its core and rebuilt me.  My life today is them.  I am simply an array of bits and pieces, some old bits and pieces are still with me while some are long left by the road side.  Today I am a mom, a sister, a daughter, a quilter, a granddaughter, a niece, a believer that all women should stick together, and I am a woman committed to the idea that the helping others makes us better individually.  I still like to climb trees and ride motorcycles.

I believe you can have everything but that usually means someone else loses out while you are winning.  Not everyone wins when one person has everything.  I used to be a lot of other things like a firefighter, wife, friend of unkind people, and the kind of person who was always rounding off everything to the nearest disaster.  Mostly I have left behind what was painful and did not add value to my life.  I have left the worrying behind as well as the friends who never truly learned to be nice people and have gathered round me the quality people who bring value to my life. I have also left the husband behind who never could learn to be honest or treat others with respect and kindness.

My kitchen counter is not perfect.  There is a lot to work on but, thankfully, it does not yet require a full remodel.  It is not flashy but it’s practical, comfortable and lived it.  It is seasoned and I think that is a good thing.  Flashy and perfect do not lend themselves to messes and expression and I have to say my old kitchen counter cleans up well and takes a good knocking around without a lot of drama.  My personal counter is reliable to say the least and what happens in my kitchen and on the counter stays in the kitchen.

I really believe we are all in this together and together we can make it better for everyone.  So pour your cocoa or your coffee or your soda and come and chat.  Do some reading, share your thoughts or just enjoy the pictures and quotes.  Sometimes, in the middle of all the chaos life throws your way, the best thing we can do is sit and chat and put the chaos back into perspective.  As they say, into each life a little rain must fall….and it’s not always a bad thing.

Oh, and I must say, I am not a perfectionist.  I am not trying to impress anyone with perfect grammar or sentence structure.  I will warn you that my tenses and possessives may not agree and that is okie dokie by me.  Sometimes those things seems like afterthoughts and defeat the idea of putting the thoughts together at all.  I take ownership of the fact that I should edit better.  Apologies in advance for that one.  This is just a place to throw out thoughts and ideas.  I will do my best to make it error free but sometimes, that is just not going to happen.  I hope you get more out of my thoughts than just a knack for pointing out the mistakes :).  Don’t worry…I know they are there.

Happy day to all.  I hope life treats you kindly today but, if it doesn’t, soak up the goodness and know the rotten stuff is sometimes just a good thing in the making if you have patience.  It’s all in the way you look at it.

I also thought you might enjoy some beach pics.  We do not in any way live AT the beach, LOL…but we do so enjoy our adventures there and travel over often.  We love the tide pools!!











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