The Truth About Autism…

What Autism Has Taught Me

  • Don’t whine
  • Stop complaining
  • Stop asking, “Why me?”
  • You will see what you open your eyes to
  • Stop making excuses
  • Get out of the denial pity party
  • Stand up
  • Advocate for your child and other children if needed
  • Every child has equal value
  • Every child deserves to feel valued by their family, their community and their school
  • Autistm can be quiet but it can also be absolutely stunning and brilliant

What I know for CERTAIN about autism

  1. Autism is my adversary.
  2. Autism is my friend.
  3. Its presence in my life makes me stronger, better, more complete as a person and a mom.
  4. I am better for having known, fought and loved autism and autism is better for knowing me as well.
  5. I have not let it walk in quietly.
  6. I have fought it, pushed it back, thrown it down and some days have embraced it.
  7. We are at peace with one another.

I love autism.


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