Autism: A Love Letter

My truest self comes from the deepest parts of him.   His is my heart.  He is my highest joy and my deepest hurt.  The highlight of my day comes from his laugh and his smile and my lowest comes when his tears are shed.  What he feels echoes inside of me, magnifies within me.  Being his mom has given me my greatest accomplishments and magnified my heaviest shortcomings.  Being his mother is a gift and a blessing and something I am so deeply grateful for every single day.

I want no cure.

I regret nothing.

I thank God every day for this journey he has seen fit to put me on because autism has changed us, bettered us, made us more than we were.  I have been blessed to see the world so boldly and brilliantly through his eyes.  Through those autism lenses that help me to see more than I could have alone.  So thank you, autism, for sharing with me the audacity of your radiance as it shines so miraculously through my son.  I am thankful and could not imagine my life without your presence.  Not everyone will agree and I get that.  Autism is different for everyone.  I simply am thankful for autism…you have changed my life and even if I had Harry Potter’s magic wand, I would change NOTHING :).


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