The Essence of a Slogbag…

Not everyone can be a slogbag.

It would be an understatement to say the life of a slogger is hard work.  It is grueling and non stop.  It’s true that not everyone is meant to be unselfish, hardworking, loyal, dedicated to friends and defined by a giving nature.  Not everyone can keep the grueling kind of schedule a slogbag keeps.  Not everyone can do it.  Some people were meant to be divas and that’s okay.  Divas have their place.  It’s just that way.  God likes variety and he created a variety of people and dispositions.  And, in the way that vanilla ice cream, even though it’s a waste of a flavor, is important to the radiance of autism, the diva is similarly important to the slogbag.  Without the self centeredness of the diva, we would not be able to truly appreciate how much a slogbag gives of herself to others with little or no regard to the importance of her own self.  The diva works hard too but unfortunately her hard work benefits only herself and the gawkers.  The Sisterhood does not currently support divas.  We do appreciate them but, unless they are in recovery, we cannot support them.

No one is born a slogbag and, luckily for most, slogbagging is a temporary life stage.  Slogbags and their progression happen over time and they are formed through adversity and selflessness.  A woman does not simply wake up one day to choose being a slogbag.  No woman would consciously choose slogbag status on a whim. In time, she simply becomes it to take care of her children and that has been the case of the The Slogbag Sisterhood of Moccasin Wallow.

Slogbag-dom is a life that is more evolution than choice and it usually begins during motherhood.  Slogbagging is actually a form of living that is evolved out of another shinier life.  For most, it is through the dedication and sacrifice of motherhood and through a dedication to something other than one’s self that begins the evolution to slogbag.  Or perhaps it is better demonstrated as a de-evolution since it is a downward spiral and even backward movement in the areas of personal awareness, hygiene and dressing.  It became a gradual and slow progression for the girls I know.  .

Slogbags are givers, loyal to a fault and dependable like no other.

Curiously, slogbags recognize other slogbags.  Slogbags are also usually wearing baggy sweats, hair in a pony tail with little or no makeup.  And why is this?  Because she has no time to tend to herself because she is raising children…generally multiple children.  One child can often be navigated well with a one on one ratio but add in multiple children and ….well, WOW…the odds become more challenging.  Few children can be cajoled to take naps at the same time to allow for some mom time.

Women who leave their children and go back to work to get more bling, in the eyes of The Sisterhood, are not slogbags.  Women who dress up pretty with make-up, heels and accessorize with jewelry are not slogbags.  If you have a newborn and you still shower daily…sorry sister, I am sure you are lovely…but, you are not a slogbag. Women who drive fancied up expensive cars are not slogbags.  If you have a luxury car (Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, etc), sweetheart, a slogbag you are not.  If you are carrying a purse that cost you more than $29.99, you are not a slogbag.  If you wear high heels, you are not a slogbag.  Slogbags do little for themselves to fix up or spruce up when those babies are tiny because, when truly caring for a child, there is no “me” time.  Slogbags spend all their time, energy and resources taking care of everyone else.

To be a slogbag there has to be a complete dedication to your children and your home and, simultaneously, a loss of who you once were.  Sometimes there is a near complete loss of who you are because everything you are turns into your children, your home and your family.  It’s important to note as well, it is not conscious decision to become a slogbag.  It is a slow process of erosion.  Slogbags give up what they once had and they sacrifice so that their spouse and children can have more.  Like it or lump it, that is what a slogbag is.  There is hope, as children go off to school, mom’s will get to come out of the slogbag life.  Some are able to recover from the slogbag status while some are lost to slogbagging forever as they sign over all the free time and energy to the schools their children attend.  Some women just never quite make it back to who they were before kids and marriage. And some, in a very sad turn of events, never quite knew who they were before they had children and so there is no way for them to recover an identity they never had.  In those instances, slogbags rely on sisters stepping in to help them be able to step out and reinvent themselves a new.

The life of a slogbag is not pretty but slogbags are the strongest women there are and they certainly make the best friends.  Slogbags, out of their loyalty to their famly, have an innate loyalty to others as well.  They are used to hard work, ask for little fanfare and certainly never need to be the center of attention.  Slogbags step up in times of trouble and have a backbone.  After years of working hard and taking care of others, slogbags fear very little.  They are seasoned and sensitive and if you call them at 2 a.m. they will not complain about being woken up.

Slogbags are very good stock and slogbags are my sisters :).


2 responses to “The Essence of a Slogbag…

  1. I never realized we were slogbags! Thank you for letting me know that what and who we are actually has a name. I love you my beautiful friend and I am thankful each and every day that you are MY friend! You are the best slogbag I have ever known ❤

    • Love you right back! I am so thankful for you and luckily, as the kids get older, we have the opportunity to grow out of slogbagdom and clean up a bit :). I’m working on that part as my three get a bit older and I can take MOST showers without interuptions or meltdowns, LOL! Thank you for your friendship. It means the world to me, girlie!

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