Jellybowl Days



LIfe is a bit jumbled right now and I am trying to write but the jumble of it all won’t unjumble.  Not yet anyway.  I keep looking at the computer screen and what I am working on….thinking I can make it be finished, fix it up, polish it until it will work but….the truth of it all is…I can’t. Not yet.  It must still be settling itself so I will wait for it to straighten itself on the screen or in my head or in my dreams while I sleep. 

So instead of posting something useful or earth shattering tonight, the kids and I hopped into the kitchen and made the squighetti.  It’s what you need sometimes when the mind won’t settle and the emotions are jumbled.  Getting back to basics will hopefully make it settle a little faster. 

Tomorrow the kids and some of their friends will head to the coast and visit our favorite beach.  It’s the beach where I grew up and it has these great tide pools to explore and rocks to climb on if the tide is right.  I haven’t even checked the tides so I am just going to enjoy what I find, try to clear my mind and take pics of the kids in my favorite place.  The only thing that would make the day there better would be if my childhood friends were there with me and laughing.  This weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with  a dear old friend.  Someone I have known since grade school.  Someone I used to share the beach with.  What struck me most is how, even decades later, the friendship is still such a warm place to fall into.  I hope my beach feels like that tomorrow too.  The warmth is a great place to let the jumble settle itself and usher in some much needed clarity. 

So that is what I am doing.  Heading to my Jellybowl…with my children and my childhood friends in my heart and hoping that all that warmth will lend itself to soothing the jumble that is in my head right now 🙂


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