Maisy girl….food obsessed, crazy lab :)

Maisy obsessed, crazy lab :)

My fourth child…love her so but will admit she is the most food obsessed dog I have EVER known. OH my do we have to guard the counters. She has no problem stealing every chance she gets!


4 responses to “Maisy girl….food obsessed, crazy lab :)

  1. My brother has a terrier like that! We have to scoot everything to the very back! She is a sneaky, naughty little thing! But she is oh so sweet 🙂

    Maisy is beautiful!

    • OH my, yes! She is outrageous. She will actually wait for us to leave the room and then will “stalk” the counters. She even can use her paws/toe nails to pull the plates closer to her! It is full time, LOL, and she eats everything. Even unprotected sticks of butter that are innocently left out to soften for baking! She keeps me on my toes, LOL.

      • YUCK! Crazy dogs! LOL!

        Last night we were visiting my parents and the dog thief stole my child’s tomato! What dog wants a tomato? She took it right out his little baby hands. He was not impressed. Poor kid!

  2. Sounds like Maisy, LOL. I tell everyone who comes over…PROTECT YOUR FOOD!! If I leave our garage pantry unlocked…she will steal the cans, take them outside and chew them open. she eats every last bit…tomato paste, green beans, or spaghetti o’s…it matters not to her, LOL.

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