“Courage is being scare…

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”
John Wayne


2 responses to ““Courage is being scare…

    • Aw, thanks Lindsey!! Miss you immensely! Just trying to focus on the kids and making sure this school year is a good one. Everyone is off to a great start. You wouldn’t believe how amazing the boy is doing this year. If you could see him now, you wouldn’t think he was the same kid :0). He is still quirky as all get out but when his reg ed English teacher was asked if he wanted to have the spec ed teacher push in during my guy’s class, the English teacher said NO :). He told the teacher my son didn’t need that kind of assistance and he was just fine on his own. He receives 98 % reg ed with the 2% being ONLY speech. GREAT stuff and a long road but so worth it.
      All the kids are off to fabulous starts and I am putting all my time there. I miss a few of my FB family terribly but there was a lot of drama that didn’t fit into my life and really just made me sad :(. When I started to re-evaluate my life, it really wasn’t bringing a value to me and the kids.
      How are the kids? I’ll have to email you privately to catch up! Little P must be SO big!! I also want to know how your dad is!!
      I am still holding onto my stay at home status as long as I can. I will sub this year :).
      Love and miss you,

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