Who am I? Click here and I will do my best to explain :)

Hello to you!

Who am I you may wonder?  A whole lot of jumbled things actually.

I am the full time single mother of three amazing kiddos, sister of many, navigator of life and am definitely an autism warrior at heart.  I am a credentialed regular education teacher as well as a credentialed special education teacher.  More importantly, I am the mom of a twelve year old boy who is traveling the autism spectrum at his own speed. A boy who, I must note, has battled his way to be in regular education classes, full time with NO pull out or resource time.  I tell you..it has been a colorful adventure to reach where we are and it hasn’t been given to us without a few struggles.

I have discovered life is a journey and not a destination and sometimes, as Marilyn has said, things fall apart so better things can fall together. I have stood up, thrown down and even traded slaps in this life and life has definitely slapped me right back.   In the event I ever get too big for my britches, life certainly slams me right back down and humbles me. I currently work hard to uncover the humor in this ever unfolding life I live with my children while enjoying a variety of seasoned friends and the radiance of autism that is indelibly stitched into my life.

The Slogbag Sisterhood is simply a place where friends can share in life’s adventures.  I am indebted to the friends that have shared their grace with me and I am thankful every day that life continues to uncover the blessings along with the challenges.  Life is never easy but it’s good if you let it be.

Come along with me and discover that life, friendship, family and autism are much more than you think they are and you will find that a whole lot of humor and boy brain brilliance will fall into your lap along the way.  I promise 🙂


2 responses to “Who am I? Click here and I will do my best to explain :)

  1. I think that you, truly, have helped me (and others) see so much thru different eyes. All of us walk a hard path in this lifetime – but not the same hard path. Rather than looking down on people and their stuggles, why can’t more of us look *thru* someone else’s eyes, try to *feel* what it must be like to walk in their shoes? You have helped me to understand this, my beautiful friend, and I will be forever greatful. You have shown so many people that there is a wonderful *up-side* – as long as you allow yourself to see it! I was blessed to get to spend time with not just you, but your son too. I have to say, it felt so *right* interacting with him, taking the time to talk about things, explain things. I was able to see so much of your beauty shining thru him. You have such a beautiful heart …. and are the most amazing mother and friend! I count myself blessed to be your friend and look forward to learning more from you (and with you) as we journey through this life.

    • You, my dear, brought me to tears. You are what the slogbag sisterhood is indeed about. TRUE friends, thru thick and thin, good and bad, year in and year out. It’s not always pretty, LOL, but it can always be depended on. Love you and am so thankful for breakfast on Cabrillo :). Still miss you!

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