Come on over :)

Hello to you…

If I were a more tech savvy girl, I would not have to up and move.  I know there once was a way to keep the blog but change the name but, being the old fashioned and stubborn girl I am ….it eluded me.

So, I am going to stay on wordpress but am blogging under “Wisdom from the Sisterhood”.  Some of you have already come to visit…thank you.  I love the community we have here, I love what I learn from you all and I love the sharing that we do.  So don’t be a stranger, come on over.  And, you know, if I could serve up some cupcakes to you…I sure would.  I will put up recipes though :).

Hope to see you sooooon!



Boy Brain…with giggles

Here’s the funny thing.

As a grown up and a parent you think you understand a lot of things.  When you start to talk to your child about something you kind of have the script in your head.  Like..this is what I want to tell him, this is how he will respond and here’s how I’ll explain it.  It’s easy.  It’s straight forward.

But…it never really is.

I was talking to my oldest son who is now 12…almost thirteen.  He is the second oldest of my three children, my middle child and my wild ride through the autism spectrum.  He is some of the most awe inspiring, knock the wind right out of your sails kind of conversations I have.  He makes me realize I understand NOTHING.  When I am very lucky, he lets me into his view of life.

Here’s how it all went.  Simple and yet astounding…at least it was to me.

Mom:  Hey buddy.  Last year we sure had a great academic year.  You rocked the school year (which was no easy feat because it was our first year at middle school).

My boy: Uh huh.

Mom: This year, I’d like to make our goal to make a good friend.

My boy: What are you talking about?  I have good friends, Mom.

Mom: Really?  Buddy, I haven’t noticed any friends.  No one came to our house to play last year and you haven’t went to anyone else’s house.

My boy: Well, I wouldn’t want to do that.  I don’t want to bother them at home.

And, voila….the boy is absolutely on the mark and Mom never sees it coming.  These are the moments when his clarity and his wisdom floor me.  These are the moments when I take all my mom-wisdom and realize it’s of very little use when it comes to parenting him.  With that simple explanation, the boy shot Mom right out of the water.

He was right.

He is happy with his level of friendship.  He is happy with the amount of interaction he is having.  It was clear, this was Mom’s issue.  We axed the goal and let the boy be and I chuckled as I realized I’d just been schooled by my boy and, once again, autism and it’s brilliance set a new goal for ME.  🙂

Taking a walk…


Yep….I have been gone.

We had a death in the Sisterhood two weeks ago.  It shook me.  It’s actually still shaking me. Other than being in shock still, I am trying to figure out how I feel about it. Not that the universe or God or the Powers that Be  are concerned with my take on it all but, for me, I am processing.  Trying to put into perspective how it is that a healthy 44 year old friend of mine from earliest childhood can be facebooking me on April 1st and be gone by mid month.

Like I said, It still shakes me.

After I heard the news, I took a walk, fell off the blog for a while, tried to clear my head but, really, I’m not sure if it’s clear yet.  I am still around but I am sitting in my quiet place with my faith for a few more minutes….remembering my friend, trying to figure out God and truly appreciating that even when life is not perfect, it is still good and I am fortunate.  Give me a few more days.  I will get the jumble organized soon.  Death is big but I can feel it gelling.  Until then, be well, be happy and be thankful that you can enjoy cold coffee, clean up the mess at home and that you can stand in some awful line and wait behind very impatient people. Appreciate the jasmine blooming, the hydrangea just beginning to leaf out, the Gerbera daisies as they show their full color and appreciate the crazy that flows through your life.

It really is all good.

See you soon :).