Come on over :)

Hello to you…

If I were a more tech savvy girl, I would not have to up and move.  I know there once was a way to keep the blog but change the name but, being the old fashioned and stubborn girl I am ….it eluded me.

So, I am going to stay on wordpress but am blogging under “Wisdom from the Sisterhood”.  Some of you have already come to visit…thank you.  I love the community we have here, I love what I learn from you all and I love the sharing that we do.  So don’t be a stranger, come on over.  And, you know, if I could serve up some cupcakes to you…I sure would.  I will put up recipes though :).

Hope to see you sooooon!



For the rough seas….

For the rough seas....

Taking a walk…


Yep….I have been gone.

We had a death in the Sisterhood two weeks ago.  It shook me.  It’s actually still shaking me. Other than being in shock still, I am trying to figure out how I feel about it. Not that the universe or God or the Powers that Be  are concerned with my take on it all but, for me, I am processing.  Trying to put into perspective how it is that a healthy 44 year old friend of mine from earliest childhood can be facebooking me on April 1st and be gone by mid month.

Like I said, It still shakes me.

After I heard the news, I took a walk, fell off the blog for a while, tried to clear my head but, really, I’m not sure if it’s clear yet.  I am still around but I am sitting in my quiet place with my faith for a few more minutes….remembering my friend, trying to figure out God and truly appreciating that even when life is not perfect, it is still good and I am fortunate.  Give me a few more days.  I will get the jumble organized soon.  Death is big but I can feel it gelling.  Until then, be well, be happy and be thankful that you can enjoy cold coffee, clean up the mess at home and that you can stand in some awful line and wait behind very impatient people. Appreciate the jasmine blooming, the hydrangea just beginning to leaf out, the Gerbera daisies as they show their full color and appreciate the crazy that flows through your life.

It really is all good.

See you soon :).

The Chicken House

The Chicken House

My grandparents old chicken house. My son is actually standing inside of it. He was curious to say the least! The homemade, rustic ladders and roosts were still in tact 🙂

Twanda Blogging Friends…

Blogging is obviously new for me.  Yep, that’s a given but I just had a quick thought to share.  And, yes, I know those who actually know me will say…”there is such thing as a quick thought that lives in you?  Really?”  Yes, yes, I know, it does not come naturally but….come on..let me try.

Today has been a rainy day and I have been inside making long cooking stuff in pots…soup and chili to be exact…and I have finally had time to read more of the blogs I am discovering and I just have to say, **you people wow me**.  As a single mom of three, I don’t get out too much.  Yes, I get to the schools, the track meets, the swim meets and even to my daughter’s choir performance last night but I don’t often get out to grown up places.  I don’t get much time for chatting up new friends or meeting people who share my interests.  WordPress has been a great avenue to “meet”some pretty amazing people.

You guys are incredible.  From young women adventuring in Paris and Greece, to single parents parenting well, to other parents of autistic children who are simply inspiring, to some pretty amazing athletes, to some genuinely gifted artists…you WOW me….you are all just so lovely and I wanted you to know that.

Thank you for gracing my day with your presence 🙂

And, for the dear friends who were already in my life before I started this venture, thank you for always being your wonderful selves.   I am blessed that you are in my life!

Okay…at least agree that this post was short FOR ME :).

FACEBOOK: The Cream Always Rises :)

Facebook is a funny place.

Virtual as it may be it is still a well traveled destination. I have been traveling there since near the beginning and was quick to embrace the reestablishment of friendships I’ve lost as well as those misplaced over the years.  In the beginning, it was just love and hugs for those lost souls I was reconnecting with and a cheerful place designed to help friends relive some good memories.  Fun, fun and double fun.

And then it happened.

Facebook began to cultivate drama and crankiness.

The craziness of the virtual friendship shop started to do some wicked stuff.  The friends I thought were tried and true tarnished a bit.  Some people even used Facebook as a platform to splatter meanness across walls.  I started to remember that some of the people I added as friends were not very friendly at all.  It threw me a bit at first but then I remembered, they were simply being themselves.  And, if I started to recall our history with more accuracy,it was then that I remembered…they were just as unkind as they had been once upon a time… many moons ago.  Age and life had taught them little.  I finally understood that people do not change and, these “friends” reminded me of who they had always been.  The part that I started to finally learn was that, most of the time, people simply become MORE of who they are as they age.

The flashy friends were still all that and more, as self absorbed and inconsiderate as they had ever been.  The mean girls were still mean and they had gained not one iota of kindness in their travels.  On the other hand, people who were good and kind and considerate “back in the day” had not changed a bit either.  They were just as loving and sweet as they had ever been.  The really crazy fun part of Facebook, that surprised the heck out of me, was that some of the friends that I was not as close with, perhaps friends from older and younger class years than myself, became some of the most treasured friend discoveries I have made.  Some of them became the best friends of all.

Facebook may take a lot of hits and it certainly has its detractors but, for me, I find it is a good way to stay in touch, it provides a network for parents at home and it is also a good indicator of the friendship value.  Occasionally, as the cream rises and the chaff falls, friends behave badly, out themselves and show you who needs to be culled.  It’s not that they are bad people but sometimes friendships no longer fit and that is okay too.  There is value in growth.  I am thankful for that as well.

I keep my friends list small, I have never understood the value of high counts, and I appreciate the 254 friends and family I keep on my wall.  They are actually very treasured people in my life.  I occasionally peruse my list to make sure the list I keep reflects the value I seek in my life.  Without value, without kindness, friends are unapologetically culled when moments call for it.   I respectfully reserve that right.

Say what you like, detract if you must but I will assure you that the 254 treasures that comprise the faces on my wall are exactly that…treasures, and, in their own way, each one adds value to my life.  Whether it is because they are a treasured part of my history, a warm part of my memories, a part of my present or a key to the future I am building…I appreciate each and every one.